Festival Notes.

Disclaimer : All the movie synopsis are reproduced verbatim from the Delegate Handbook.
I'm not going to elaborate on each movie because
1) I dont know how to ?
2) Too lazy for all that pain.
Anyways the description in the handbook, which I put in, is accurate and gives out the point.

La Pirogue (The Pirogue) - 2011
Moussa Toure

Baye Laye is the captain of a fishing pirogue. Like many of his Senagalese compatriots, he sometimes dreams of new horizons, where he can earn a better living for his family. When he is offered to lead one of the many pirogues that head towards Europe via the Canary Island, he reluctantly accepts the job, knowing full-well the dangers that lie ahead. Leading a group of 30 men who don't all speak the same language, some of whom have never seen the sea, Baye Laye will confront many perils in order to reach the distant coasts of Europe. Handsomely shot in fairly conventional style by a mixed Senagalese and French crew, La Pirogue is a well-crafter melodrama in classic-issue movie mould.

I walked in to a full house crowd eagerly waiting for the Der Mull im Garten Eden (Polluting Paradise) at Kairali. There was not even an empty seat in sight, and it was too late to consider other options. The crowd started getting impatient at the delay in start, and the announcement that due to some technical glitches (What a cliche), instead of Polluting Paradise, the French movie La Pirogue would be shown was met with angry shouts from the crowd. I had to settle with the comfort that the steps could offer for my first experience in the festival.

I am baffled why the movie only has only a 6.9 yet in IMDB.

L'enfant d'en haut (Sister) - 2012
Ursula Meier

12-Year old Simon lives in the industrial valley below, with his jobless sister. Everyday, he takes the ski-lift to the opulent ski world above, stealing equipment from the rich tourists to resell to the local kids back down. As he partners with a crooked British seasonal worker, Simon loses his boundaries, which affects the relationship with his sister. Confronted with a truth they had both been escaping, Simon seeks refuge above.
The scene that has stuck with me, and in a way defines the movie - when Simon empties his pocket, lays all his earnings in front of his mother to let him sleep by her side that night.

500&5 - 2012
Raghu Jegannathan

A Rs 500 -note; five characters; their trysts with the currency bill.

My choice of movies to see was purely based on my instinct, because for most of the ones screened in the festival, unless they were really old or that of an acclaimed filmmaker, there weren't proper IMDB entries or ratings per se (not that IMDB rating is the yardstick of any movie, but the rating gives you a general idea) so all of my picks were left to my own instinct and luck. I went through the handbook they gave, read the premise, and decided to see it or not. This movie was an example of how much that strategy can backfire.
I'm not much at fault really. "A Rs 500 -note; five characters; their trysts with the currency bill." - It certainly sounds like a good premise to develop a story around. Prior to the film, the crew of the film was introduced, including the director and some of the cast, and the show was supposed to the global premiere of the movie. 
I should have read the signs. More than half of the seats were empty.
I couldn't sit through it. There were supposedly 5 subplots, the first of which, the one I managed to sit through, was well, ridiculous. Half of the people who had dared to attend left before the first subplot was completed, and I followed suit in between the second one. The acting was amateurish and bad, and nothing you expect from a film which is premiered in a film festival. Perhaps I am not in a well deserved position to judge the movie, since I didn't even sit through the whole thing. I appreciate the attempt though. Least I can do.
Perhaps I am being too harsh. Would you not curse the cook if they gave you one of the best two courses of meal you ever had, and gave you decayed dessert afterwards ?

So I went, to wash down the bitter taste, to the book fair, again and I think you know what happened next.
[The Football Men (Simon Kuper), El Diego: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Footballing Genius (Diego Armando Maradona) and മഞ്ഞവെയില്‍ മരണങ്ങള്‍ (Benyamin).]

A Vizsga (The Exam) - 2011
Péter Bergendy
The revolutionary push of autumn 1956 has been stifled and Hungary is enveloped in an atmosphere of fear. And so, Agent Jung, posing as a private teacher, has to undergo a test of loyalty administered by his superior and friend Marko. Living and working in an environment where the spies themselves are spied upon demands a fair amount of vigilance and an ability to make quick judgments, which contributes to the sustained tension and also the dynamics of an otherwise small-scale firm. This classic story of a tragic phase in Hungarian history fluctuates between a generic mix; a personal drama, and a documentary of period conditions. The latter is portrayed with an emphasis on secret police practices without ever overlooking the emotional dimensions. And as friends spy on each other, can relationships be maintained? Can normalcy be restored ever?

I had actually zeroed in on Kim Ki Duk's Piata to be seen in this slot, and thanks to IRCTC and their stupid reason for a website, I was held up and reached half an hour early to the screening at Sreekumar - which, on any other day, would have been enough for me to get a seat. What met me there was, the spectacle of a queue, which coiled all the way from Sreekumar to Thambanoor Bus Stand, and I am not even exaggerating, mind you. Might have something to do with it being Sunday afternoon, but I think it was because of Kim Ki Duk as well. I didn't know he was such a crowd favorite, though. I have seen only Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, and even though the movie contained too much symbolism for my understanding I had ended up liking it. But this was certainly unforeseen.
Waiting at the end of that queue was stupidity, and I returned back to Kairali. And I am happy that I did. Gripping movie.

On Connait La Chanson (Same Old Song) 1997
Alan Resnais

Odile is frustrated with her dull marriage to Claude. Camille, her sister is working for a doctorate for a doctorate in a mysterious subject and suffers from panic disorder. Their lives take a turn when three men enter the picture. Nicolas, an old flame of Odile, returns to Paris to buy an apartment for his family. Simon is a history-freak and romantic radio-playwright also falls in love with Camille, hiding the fact that he is an estate agent working for the unscrupulous. Marc, the boss of the agency also desires Camille.
Marking Resnais' triumphal return to mainstream French Cinema, this film deals with the typically -Resnisian themes of time, place and memory. Resnais adopts Dennis Potter's lip-synch to music device by weaving popular French songs from the past fifty years into dialogue, creating comical effect.

The first musical I might have seen. (Embarrassing, is it ? Well, I'm no movie buff.) The projection was only on a small portion of the screen. And that was a let down.

Infancia Clandestina (2011) - Clandestine Childhood
Benjamin Awila

Set in 1979 during Argentina's military dictatorship, Benjamin Avila's stylized, semi-autobiographical memoir follows the travails of a fifth-grader who is forced to live under an assumed identity in order to protect his resistance-fighter parents. At first, all seems to go well for Juan/Ernesto. He is enrolled in the local school and quickly makes new friends. But the precarious balance between undercover life and the everyday travails comes to the fore when he falls in love. In a series of vignettes, Avila weaves together the parallel lives of Juan and Ernesto, as a first kiss between young sweethearts is followed by underground meetings, and childish roughhousing gives way to bullet cartridges stashed in boxes of chocolate. As the family prepares for its confrontation with the forces of repression, Juan finds himself between the responsibility and the ordinary childhood he yearns for.

Powerful, powerful movie.

I remember wanting to write more on the experience, but did not I say I suffer from that verbal constipation ?

Here are some snaps. Some have been worked on to weird effects. They have been taken with an obscure camera, so..

Mobbed. Seen is KB Ganesh Kumar, Minister for Forests & Environment, Sports and Cinema and Idavela Babu, Vice-Chairman, KSFDC.

Pensive - Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

Booze inspired speech.
"THIS, is the Open Forum, people"
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